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It is a wonderful place to visit with very friendly people of the Philippines. There are many modern hotels and beach resorts located in and around the city and all have a relaxing atmosphere. It is a true tropical paradise surrounded by clear blue water and white sand beaches. MasbateCity.com is a guide for travel, accomodatioins, tourism, events, and information for the City of Masbate..

Masbate City

is located on the Island of Masbate (pronounced (mas bah ti), which is in the Bicol Region of the Philippines. The Province of Masbate is composed of 3 major islands, Masbate, Ticao ,and Burias. Masbate Island is boomerang shaped and easy to locate by looking directly in the center of the Philippine Islands. Masbate City is the largest city on the Island and geographically located on the North Central coast of the island. Thus, the city is on a small Peninsula which is located just east of Masbate Bay and creates a safe harbour and port.

The language of Masbate is Masbateno which is very close to illongo (spoken in Iloilo). English and Tagalog are also spoken and taught in all schools.

There are 30 Barangays (or villages) and a estimated population of over 250,000 (in 2008) in Masbate City which is the fastest growin city on the Island.

Masbate Images

View images of the friendly people from Masbate, the Festivals of Masbate, the Masbate Rodeo, and much more. If you are interested in seeing more of Masbate and what makes it such a beautiful place then take a few minutes to view these images. Images are posted by Masbate.org.

Masbate Hotels

There are many hotels to choose from in the Masbate City area and the rates vary from P600 to P2000 per night. Please visit Masbate Hotels for a complete guide of hotels and accommodation. Most hotelshave their own restaurants and many are located near the water or beach.

Travel to Masbate

Masbate City is the main Port of Entry to the province by land or sea. Montenegro Lines offers 4 trips per day by Fast Craft departing from Pilar / Sorsogon. It is a bit longer to take a bus to Sorsogon and then by Fast Craft but more economical. If you are departing from the Southern Philippines or Visayan region then consider taking Trans Asia Ferry from Cebu City that departs three days per week. As of now, there is still no available flight in Masbate to Manila or Manila to Masbate due to runway renovation in Masbate Airport. It is said that later this year will be the start of flying of Cebu Pacific Airlines.

Masbate Island

Is a melting pot for culture and languages of the Filipino people because its central location in the Philippines. The Island is over 4100 square kilometers and has a estimated population of 800,000. Masbate is known for its spetacular scuba diving locations, cattle ranches , and festivals. One of the largest annual events is the Masbate Rodeo known as "Rodeo Masbateno" which takes usually takes place every April. Masbate Island is the leading exporter of native Crabs (Lawobon Crabs). Some of the many festivals here are Bulang, Pinya, and Lapay in Bantigue.
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